Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's new in the garden

I have been watering by hand the plants I got at Ricky's plant swap last Sunday. The mulberry cuttings I got from Tony don't look good but I am hoping they will survive. I also have 3 fig cuttings that look almost dead but hopefully they will recover. There is also a Rose Mallow that I got from Treefrog and it keeps loosing leaves. I am hoping it will make it.

I also got 2 bananas and the fig cuttings from Lisa, bromeliads from Tony, a Kaempferia, orange jazmine, a begonia Nelumbifolia and even a staghorn fern!! from Lady, a small Hibiscus Acetosella from Cindee, some cute coleus from Kat, a Jatropha and scented geranium from Lorraine, a couple of walking yellow iris, coleus and brugs from Wannarun and Stokes Astor from MsMarion. I was able to plant somethings last week and I am hoping to work more later in the day.

Here are some pictures of plants in the garden.
Broccoli. I planted more seeds but only this one grew large. We should be able to harvest it soon. I don't remember when I planted it. I am going to plant it earlier this fall/winter.
Bromeliad bed
My little hydrangea.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


The garden is happy because it finally rained for two days. It is such a relief! Everything was looking so sad.
The bananas!

The last amarillys flower on the stalk.

A new cane on this ground orchid. It has been blooming since January.

I have purple passion fruit flowers in my trellis. They are so beautiful. I think they are the edible fruit kind. I wish I could keep better track of my plants. I think Lisa from GardenWeb gave me the small plant but I am not sure (like always!).

I have lots of volunteer cherry tomatoes everywhere, even on the sides of the compost bin. They are fruiting and I have been eating some when they ripe. I have had to cut them when they are green and let them ripe in the kitchen counter because if not the birds get them first.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I finally worked in the garden for a while yesterday. I trimmed the banana trees and most of the plants around the pool enclosure. We are going to have more water restrictions and starting next week we will only be allowed to water the lawn and plants once a week. Now I wish I had more drought tolerant plants in the front.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My plants need water!!

I have neglected the garden and it doesn't look good :-( We need to hire somebody to redo the sprinkler system because it looks like it is not working in many areas. We haven't had rain and there are water use restrictions so everything looks very dry. We are only allowed to water the lawn and garden on Sundays and Thursdays and I was not here on Sunday so I did not see if the sprinklers were working. I can't wait until tomorrow when I will be able to water everything.

I have been watering the plants in containers from water I have been collecting in the kitchen. It is a lot of work but it is worth it. Yesterday I got the box of vegetables from the farm so I washed everything in a big plastic container and saved the water in a bucket and I used it to water plants.

I am so happy because HGTV is showing again Gardener's Diary. That is my favorite program on TV. I watch very little TV but I make sure to watch that one. They show the most amazing gardens!!

The bananas we got seem to be finger bananas. I think that Lady gave me the plant. All the stalks are open and now I guess I should wait until the mature a little.