Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The 3 cotton plants I got from Misti had cotton in them but I had not had time to cut it. I finally did it today and got a bunch of seeds and a bunch of cotton. I am going to use the dried up bud to decorate a wreath next year. I saw some very nice Christmas decorations made with dried plant materials and they were very cool, like Titi would say.

The yellow ground orchid is still blooming a lot. It is next to the Chinese rain bell (strobilanthes flaccidifolius) plant I got from Arabesque and they looks amazing together. The flowers are magenta and so pretty. I am so lucky to have it.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I asked Don if it was possible to build a patio for the kids in the garden and since we were going to do some other work around the house, the contractor agreed to do it. They already delivered the bricks so it should be finished soon. It is going to be very large so they kids can run around in their scooters or bycicles and we are going to put the basketball hoop there. I am happy because I am going to have more areas to landscape.

My clerodendrum quadriculare is blooming now and it looks beautiful. This is the first year that they bloom well and I am very happy.

I weeded in the back but there are still hundreds of dandelions everywhere. I need to put newspaper and mulch everywhere or the weeds will invade everything!!!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back to the garden

After many weeks of not gardening, today I was able to work in the front beds. I weeded and planted the bulbine that Mimi gave me for Christmas and I put two other plants variegated (can't remember the name) near the walking iris. I had them in the north side of the house so they were not getting any sun but I have seen them in full sun and I hope they will make it there. They will get morning sun.

I also mulched a little but like always, I ran out of soil and I didn't finish planting and I could not continue mulching. It was also too hot to be in the sun so I need to do it another day once there is shade in that side.

I also weeded the lawn in the back. My gosh, there are hundreds of dandelions! I am going to put mulch under the swing set since there are so many weeds there and I am hoping that will help a little. I took so many dandelions that when I went to take a shower and closed my eyes, I could see the shadow of a dandelion. The image was stuck in my brain.