Saturday, March 10, 2007

I have a collection of orchids!!!

Last week I went to Wal Mart and like always, I went in through the garden section. I went to see the plants but I decided not to buy anything since I am trying to save money for my trip to Guatemala. I went inside and bought some groceries and then, right when I was leaving I saw some orchids by the door with a sign that said 97 cents. I asked one of the employees if that was right and he said yes. I ran to the car to put my bags away and went back to get some. I bought 15!!! Right then other people discovered them and they were gone in a minute. I got most of them!! Now I have a collection. They were not flowering but they were very healthy and they were in a small clay pot.

I didn't have time to look at them so I just put them on the ground next to the ground orchids. Today I finally looked at them closely and saw that one of them had one bud! I had to repot some of them because they had a plastic pot inside the clay one and were getting too much water from the sprinklers. It looked like the roots were starting to rot in 2 or 3.

I am so happy!!! Now I have 21 orchids!! I put them in a wooden table in the screened patio but I need to get something better.