Thursday, May 01, 2014

Growing Chaya Plants

I started growing chaya in October of 2006. Lisa, a very nice and generous gardener gave me cuttings of two varieties of chaya.  I was excited to plant them in my garden since chaya was widely used in Mexico, the country where I was born.

I planted both cuttings directly on the ground, in what used to be my vegetable garden.  Back then, I had mainly plants with flowers to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and vegetables.

These were the chaya plants after only one year in the ground.


I do not use commercial pesticides in my garden and I use organic fertilizer.  I compost so I am able to use it in my garden.

I am working on my new website where I sell cuttings and chaya plants.  It is

I am going to post instructions with photos on how to grow chaya.

Venta de estacas de chaya en mi nuevo sitio de internet:

Tambien estoy vendiendo te de chaya que he hecho con hojas secas de la chaya.  Mucha gente la busca para tratar de controlar la diabetes.  Yo no la he usado en forma medicinal, solo como alimento pero si la gente desea tratar, pues me da gusto ponerla al alcance de la gente que la busca.