Thursday, August 01, 2013

Create a Glamorous Pool Party Spot

Create a Glamorous Pool Party Spot

Pool parties aren't only for children anymore. With a tiny investment in solutions to update your back yard and with some work, you can create a glamorous delightful pool area to throw a grown-up pool party which will be the envy of one's friends.

 You can help develop a beautiful awning for you pool which enables you to create a cool, shady area in your pool with graceful coverage that includes depth to your backyard.  A pool sail can be bought inexpensively at online sites, for example

 Updating your patio will likely help you develop a glamorous environment for your pool party. Add some planters or create landscaping to incorporate foliage and flowers. Doing so, removes the starkness of most pool areas and offers the feeling of being in nature, rather of that of a city pool.

For those who have a gazebo, you'll be able to turn it into an oasis with the addition of twinkle lighting or a mirror ball, which can be found at for under $50. You can also add a pop of color by having some new patio umbrellas, which be used as shady areas for your friends, as well as changing the pad color on the Gazebo with an all the new Gazebo colors. Add to that some new cushions and spray paint your patio furniture and you may have a patio set that appears brand new. All of these things might be color coordinated with each other, creating a warm and inviting space.

Through the night you can add some tiki torches plus much more twinkle lights around your garden to create light for the guests and, with the use of some citronella, keep the bugs away.

One of the best things you can do to create the go-to party spot around your pool, would be to invest in an outdoors kitchen, such as a nice grill along with a refrigerator. A small dorm fridge, stashed somewhere where it's not exposed to the weather, eliminates the necessity for ugly coolers and ice that melts and makes your drinks warm in a matter of hours.

Adding some outdoor speakers helps to create a wonderful atmosphere. By strategically placing wireless outdoor speakers around your pool, you'll have a "surround sound" music experience, adding a lot more sophistication than the usual boom box or iPod dock brought outside. These speakers are made to withstand the elements and can even be shaped like rocks to blend in to your garden.

Look in the local party supply store or discount store for floating candles and high end plastic party ware for example cups and plates. You can now color coordinate your party supplies, no more red or blue plastic kegger cups. You can get sophisticated looking plastic wine glasses, martini glasses and margarita glasses that seem to be like the real thing, without the worry that they would be destroyed by a clumsy guest.

With some investment in the correct supplies, you can make your swimming pool area and garden, the spot for parties among your pals. The goal would be to create a grownup environment. Save the inflatables and pool noodles for children's parties. Make your pool area a sophisticated space to enjoy summer afternoons with your friends.