Sunday, April 14, 2013

Garden April 2013 and Chaya plants for sale

I have been working for the last month in the garden. I trimmed a lot of things and I am trying to compost.

Our ficus hedges have suffered a lot from white fly.  We tried to use ladybugs to combat the white fly but it has not worked.


The smallest mango tree.  It was supposed to be a dwarf variety but this one has stayed like this for years. One year we got a big mango but we did not cut it in time and an animal ate it.

The chaya garden

Shadow, my little helper in the garden

I cut back the chaya tree a lot.  I was thinking it was dead but then I saw some little leaves on some branches.  I do have smaller trees but this one is the largest.


Chaya cuttings

I planted some pineapple plants under the tree.  I have gotten pineapples from plants that have been in shade on the ground and from potted plants in full sun.  I still do not know what is best.

Another banana stalk

It looks like we will get only one pineapple this year.  I am starting more plants so hopefully we will get more in the future.


I repoted the fig tree.  I also planted an unknown banana plant on the ground.

Banana patch

Happy tails!  The cats love it when I work in the garden.  They crave so much attention and love that even if I am not right there with them, they are happy just to see me.  Of course I talk to them nonstop.

My Crystal.  She is my little princess.

I planted some green beans and okra on the west side of garden.


I planted a pineapple plant on the west side of the garden.

Another chaya tree

 My other chaya tree

Chaya I collected from the garden.

I have started a chaya project in Guatemala and I need funds to buy potting materials and plants."I have a video on YouTube about chaya and I get asked "where can I find chaya plants for sale?" all the time. I am selling chaya cuttings and chaya plants via my websites:
All the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the chaya project.
Please contact me at
Hace mas de un ano puse un video en YouTube sobre la plantas chaya y mucha gente lo ha visto.  Varias personas me han preguntado en donde pueden comprar plantas de chaya y si, yo tengo chaya de dos variedades que estoy vendiendo. Las dos no tienen espinas.  Vendo aqui en Estados Unidos y en Mexico tambien. 
Favor de contactarme a mi correo para mayor informacion