Friday, June 08, 2007


My small Hydrangea is blooming! I moved it to the north side of the house and I was afraid it was going to die but it seems to have survived. It is still pretty small but it has pink flowers now. I love it!

The blackberry lily is blooming too! It looks great next to the Firebush (Hamelia patens) and the birdhouse. Well, it is more like a lizard house. I got the idea from Nicki from GardenWeb. She has some beautiful birdhouses in her garden. This one I got at a thrift store and Don attached it to a wooden post that I got from HD.

I think we are going to miss the bananas. We will be leaving for Guatemala on Thrusday and I am afraid they might be gone by the time we come back. We did get two figs from one of the potted figs. They were delicious. Titi and I shared them. I could eat hundreds of them so I hope they new fig cuttings I got from Lisa will take. The mulberry cuttings from Tony seem to be doing well. They looked dead but I just saw some green coming out.

I planted some okra seeds and they are starting to grow. The Swiss chard is growing again. They are in the small window boxes and they looked dead but they are growing again!! I might have it for dinner tonight.