Friday, April 20, 2007

What's blooming in the garden

We went to see the bananas yesterday and saw that 4 more bunches were open. They don't have many bananas in each one so we don't know if they are the plantain ones. It is so cool to see the stalk open and the little bananas with flowers at the end.

Lots of things are starting to bloom. The candlestick cassia is getting flowers, the yellow ground orchid still has flowers, the amarillys that flowered last year has two more buds, one about to open, the magenta epidendrum is still flowering and has two new stalks of flowers. I got two roses, new black eye susans, the yellow alamanda, the porterweed, the cotton,

In the front I have in bloom a vanda orchid, pentas, bouganvilla (sp?), bulbine, society garlic, white iris and the glory bower. It looks very pretty.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We have bananas!!

Last week I noticed that one of the banana plants had a flower stalk and I got very excited. Well, yesterday I went to see it and it is now open and you can even see small greeen bananas coming out! The kids were very happy to see it and I hope they will leave it alone. They kept asking me if they could touch them.

I don't know what kind of bananas these are. I got small plants from Lisa and Robin at the plant exchange but I mixed them up. One of them is a plantain, another small bananas and I don't remember the other one.