Sunday, November 12, 2006

November blooms

The other cassia tree is blooming now. It is very pretty. The yesterday, today and tomorrow is blooming too and I just discovered I had another one in a pot. I am going to give it to Mimi. The yellow ground orchids are blooming and they are incredible. I am very happy with them. The vanda orchid is blooming again and one in the cover patio is about to bloom. I have a couple of roses. The hibiscus hasn't grown much but it gives big blooms. The cotton plants are blooming too. The pentas are doing great. The Glory Bower vine is still blooming. I don't think it ever stops. I planted one of the volunteers on the other side of the garage and I hope to train it on the wall.

My first hummingbird!

This week I saw my first hummingbird in the garden. It was so small. I tried to take pictures but it was moving too fast. He was feeding on the purple potterweed, the purple hycinth bean flowers and the one with orange flowers (I can't remember the name). It made my day!