Friday, September 15, 2006


The Gulf fritillary liked Carlos' hand

We haven't gotten many caterpillars in the plants because there are lots of wasps around. The last ones we raised were Monarchs and a Gulf fritillary. This year we also got a Queen and some Yellow sulphurs.

We do get some pretty visitors.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


The Golden dewdrop (Duranta erecta) is done flowering and it is full of berries for the birds

My Vanda orchid is blooming again

Okra plant, beautiful flowers

Blackberry Lily

I love this hibiscus. The plant is tiny and it flowers a lot.

We are in the middle of September and the garden looks good. It has rained more than other months and the plants like it. The okra has started to produce lots of fruit. I need to cut the pods when they are young so I cut them in pieces and freeze them. I already have a big bag in the freezer and will make my first soup during the weekend. I also had my first meal of Malabar spinach and it was great. I mixed it with Swiss chard and it was good. The Malabar spinach is still young and it has started to climb the trellis. I cut only the bottom leaves. The Swiss chard is still growing but kind of slow. The seeds I planted in the summer didn't do as well as the ones I planted in the spring. I am going to start some today. I also have some green beans I got from Arabesque. I haven't watered them well and the leaves started to brown. The beans are small. I am freezing them too.

The yellow/orange flower bed looks good. The cassia is finally blooming. The milkweed is very tall so I need to cut it. We haven't had any caterpillars because we have lots of wasps flying around. I did find some Monarch caterpillars in Home Depot and I brought them home. The milkweed was almost finished there and there were lots and lots of caterpillars so I put some in a paper. I did buy some bromeliads to give as a present. The kids were very happy and have been taking good care of the beautiful caterpillars.

Starting seeds

I haven't posted in a long time... Today I am starting seeds for some of my cool weather vegetables. I am going to start some of the heirloom tomatoes I got from Treefrog, sweet peas, lettuce and carrots.