Monday, May 29, 2006

More pictures

I took some other pictures of flowers. The Agapanthus is blooming now. I love it. We also got another gerbera daisy, morning glories, roses, ixora, duranta, plumbago, the orchid (epi ?) is still blooming.

Sunflower pictures

I finally took pictures of the sunflowers. They are very tall and have beautiful blooms. I wish I had planted more seeds. There is one flower, the biggest one, that looks great when seeing against the blue sky. I also took a picture of one that was half open. It looks cool!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sunflowers and back garden

The kids and I planted some sunflower seeds. The ones near the swingset are supposed to be tall and big. They are tall but the flowers are small. I don't know if it is because we didn't fertilize them. The ones near the screen are small too but they are pretty. I love the center of the flower.

I guess the back garden is all yellow/blue/purple/fuschia. The Cassia alata is growing a lot and it has flowers already. It is full of eggs and caterpillars but we haven't had luck bringing them inside and most get eaten by the wasps. There are lots and lots of wasps flying around.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More planting

I am very tired. They said on TV that today was going to be a low humidity, cooler day, and I decided to try to plant some things on the ground. I finally put the other 2 bananas on the ground. I repotted the figs, planted the dragonfruit near a palm tree to try to train it, planted the begonia I got at Mounts, one of the datura I am growing from Cindee's seeds,. I also discarded one of the plumbagos that was not doing well and the ginger I had planted in the ixora's bed. It didn't look good there. I put another plant there. I don't remember the name but it has dark pink flowers. I moved a small penta near the other ones. I love them, they have been blooming non stop since I got them.

I also mulched some areas in the back. I got too tired so I had to stop. I am still not done with the beds around the pool area. It is taking me months to do it! I did mulch around the swing set because it was full of weeds.

The birdhouse gourd is growing. It already has 2 gourds growing on it. They are so cute. I saw that the long beans are starting to set fruit.

The agapanthus is about to bloom!!! I saw many in Orlando and I can't wait to see mine bloom. I have the light purple/blue. I want to get white too.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Banana trees

I finally planted one of the bananas on the ground. It is a Plantain, with bananas for cooking. I need the plant the other two and the figs, and the pineapples.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More mulch

I got lots of cardboard from one of my neighbors yesterday. Well, it was from his garbage pile. The kids played with the boxes all day but I told them they were for the garden. This morning I was able to go to the Bushel Stop and got 8 bags of mulch. I have been using Melaleuca (sp?) mulch and that is the only place that sells it around here. I had to wait until it was late in the day to go outside because it was very hot but I was able to mulch a large part of the corner bed. I am so happy about that. I am going to try to finish tomorrow but I only have 1 bag of mulch left so I need to go back to get more.

Monday, May 01, 2006


I didn't know I had Amaryllis in my garden but I did. Cindee gave me a couple of seedlings last month but they are still small, I hope they will bloom next year. The one I have must be from the Mounts' November sale, when I bought some things that didn't have tags. The flowers are orange/red.

Plant sale

I had promised myself I was not going to buy any more plants until I planted all the ones I have, on the ground. Well, on Saturday I could not resist going to the Mounts Botanical Garden's Spring Sale. I said to myself I was only going to look but I looked in my bag to see if I had any cash. I had $25 so I said, "well, maybe I would spend $20". I did buy 3 plants and a bag of fertilizer for the banana. I try to use only organic fertilizers but they told me I needed to put some fertilizer on the banana trees or they will never set fruit. I got a begonia and 2 small red Potterweed, one for me and one for my sister.

I was very happy and impressed to see the way the gardens looked. I was there in November and they looked terrible, almost everything was damaged by the hurricanes and most sections were closed to the public. It was very sad. Now almost everything is opened. They lost most of their huge trees but it still looks great. I saw their vegetable garden and I finally got inspired and I have drawn plans for mine. They used Society garlic in some of the beds and it looks so pretty.